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In the world of Oldsubbuteo, every 'Old' has a miniature version of themselves, who wanders the 00-scale world, seeking Subbuteopia. In their travels, many spend some time in the Stadium of Fingers, where they celebrate days of companionship with their Old Friends.

These scenes all appear in the Stadium of Fingers, where the mini-olds are destined to watch their real-life counterparts play Oldsubbuteo. They will see some great matches, great goals, terrible defensive blunders and many comedy moments, hopefully for many years to come.

Italian Old Subbuteo Championships 2007

On Sunday 16 September. in the atmospheric medieval setting of the beautiful town of Todi, the 1st Italian Oldsubbuteo Championship took place.

The Olds gather for a photo just after lunch, before the afternoon matches. They ate 7 courses and drank much wine. The afternoon matches were entertaining...

Reggio Tournament 2007

A gloriously sunny Reggio-Emilia saw a large gathering of Olds, including the mythical and much loved teofilo garagnani (front row, left), with us now in spirit.

Some key people didn't arrive in time for the photo (some were tournament organisers, some were laggards!)

So the photo below shows two of the laggards who cleverly photoshopped themselves in the pic.

Also, Mcgallons, Mc Miss and Simona were buy with admnin tasks, but all five were added to the miniature scene ?

Mestre Club night 2013

News got to the Olds in Mestre (the OSC No Ze Un Zogo) that an English Old would be visiting.

Without further ado, the Mestre faithful arranged for a club night to welcome the traveller.

Mestre Tournament 2014

48 participating players were divided into teams of 3 with different skill levels (skills A-B-C). Each team was allocated one of 16 Dutch teams.

So each Old played 5 matches with players of similar ability, which meant the team played a whole season of 15 closely fought matches.

Firenze Tournament 2015

The 2015 OSC Florentia tournament in Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance and a key influence in the Renaisubbuteo. Again, this was a team event, with players being paired off to play a hatful of games each.

The assembled players re-enacted a season from the League of Ireland. Cecco couldn't make the photo as he was preparing the profiteroles. The Olds showed their appreciation of his loyal service and sacrifice!

Old Sods OSC 2019

The Old Sods Old Subbuteo Club were formed in 2018 by a bunch of old sods who enjoyed a pork pie and a game of Subbanteo!

After much Subbuteo and banter, they took themselves on the road to take part in The Stoke Tournie. The motley crew posed for a pic...

Bertola Family

A young Ivan, and relatively young Fabio, and a forever young Rosalinda(!) posing for a pic on a visit to the Stadium of Fingers.

Their visit was celebrated with their miniature selves in the east stand, together with their latest family addition, Kora Colombo.

Cristina, oldfiorentino and Fingers, (with Murashenko)

A perfect picture of three friends creating a memory...

Turned out there were four friends after all!

RIP HRH Prince Philip

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