Old Subbuteo Window

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The Stained Glass Murals in Situ

The Final Result

After lots of careful measuring, designing and stained glassing, by visiting artist Jenny from Bournemouth, the murals are in place in the window overlooking over the South Bank of the Stadium of Fingers.

The preparation

The window waiting for Roger and David the builders to fit it...
The spaces the stained glass murals would be put in the window
The tricky space at the top left
The tricky space at the top right

The design and fitting

The initial first stage, before the details were added
SoS OSC Banner
The image on the team box
The details added and those two fiddly ones cut to fit
Jenny fixing the murals in place
All done - Happy days!

The individual murals

The front rows of the model of Olds who played in the 2007 Reggio Emilia tournament
Ottiko and The Finger were paired together to play in the first team tournament in Gorla in 2009
The Old Subbuteo Shop. Inside you can a miniature Mark Adolph, who has just won his first ever game against his dad Peter (the inventor of Subbuteo). Final score 2-1
Who wasn't captivated by this iconic picture on the front of the Continental Sets produced back in the 1970s?
In this pic, it looks like Slanzani is making a rude gesture.
He wasnt... He was joining in with a joke with a fellow Old who was sat behind the The Finger when the pic was taken
Art can sometimes be misleading!....
The Brazil figure (Ref 50), pictured the cover page of Teenage Flicks, published in 2008, which featured several pictures taken in the Stadium of Fingers.
Chelsea v Tampa Bay Rowdies
(Topspin figures supplied by riccadodimilano)
Presentation Party
The classic image on the team box
Inside the Old Subbuteo Shop,..
Peter Adolph has just gone 2-1 down
Night view of the Stadium of Fingers, pic taken by Fabio Bertola. as featured in the Guardian
Uncle Sub
The Old Subbuteo Mascot
"Subbuteo Needs You!"
The Southend-on-Sea Old Subbuteo Club Banner
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