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Finger Fox Oldsubbuteo Rulebook Variations

In the annuals of Old Subbuteo folklore there are tales of matches between thefingerismakingmeflick and forfoxsake.

The very first game was a 3-3 draw, with plenty of action, live commentary from both players, and good humoured interpretation and application of the Old Subbuteo rules.

It wasn't totally apparent what was happening in that first match, but further analysis has revealed that The Finger and The Fox both believed their miniature players were alive, with personalities, autonomous decision-making capabilities and 00-scale souls.

The first adaptation was to allow attackers to enter the 6-yard box, so that corner-taking was more realistic, with the opportunity for a nodded-in goal...

The pic shows Chelsea having a second consecutive corner - a challenging scenario for the Norwich City defence, once the corner-kicker launches one in there...This pics below show the third consecutive corner, before and after!

This was just the start, and as the games developed, more adapted rules were needed. The FingerFox Variations have since been collated and are shown below and via this link.

Chelsea odds on to score from the set piece
Forfoxsake's keeper guilty of multiple fouls!
Link to Old Subbuteo rules

Video clip for Rule 7

If you watch this clip you will notice that both Finger and Fox were absorbed in the goalscoring centre-forward's decision to celebrate with the crowd, receiving a booking for his actions. Such incidents are far more important that the pedantic application of finger-fouling rules, that can sap the very soul from a game of Old Subbuteo.

The Finger Fox Rules being circulated

The ref makes an initial check
Checking the rules on jostling...
Chelsea and Norwich players showing interest
Confirmation of the new 'jostling' rules
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