CorinthiKen Casuals v Old Subbutonians FC

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Uncle Sub meets Ken Bailey

Uncle Sub, the mascot of the Italian Old Subbuteo Forum meets Ken Bailey, England's self-appointed and much loved sporting cheerleader, who was immortalised in 00-form by Subbuteo.

This encounter happened back in 2007. The chance meeting between these two mythical individuals resulted in the legendary game between CorinthiKen Casuals and Old Subbutonians FC.

Thanks go to Claudio for arranging translation and to Daniela for doing the translating.

TR: "I'm here with the Old Subbuteo family on holiday
– we return to our beloved Italy in a couple of days."
Old Subbutonians (Left to Right): Nonno, Nipote, Fratello minore, Fratello maggiore, Papa, Cugino, Bisnonno, Figlio, Uncle (capt), Secondo cugino di secondo grado, Cugino perfetto.
(Tr: Grandfather, Nephew, Younger brother, Other brother, Father, Cousin, Great Grandfather, Son, Uncle, Second cousin twice removed, Perfect cousin.

CorinthiKen Casuals (Left to Right): Ken (capt), Kenny, Kenton, Kent, Kenley, Kenn, Kensley, Kendall, Kenneth, Kendrick, Kenzie.
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