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Winston Churchill - Chapeau!

In 1904, Winston Churchill crossed the floor of the House of Commons, defecting from the Conservatives to sit as a member of the Liberal Party. In 1908, he was promoted to the Cabinet as President of the Board of Trade. Under the law at the time, a newly appointed cabinet minister was obliged to seek re-election at a by-election. Churchill lost his Manchester seat to the Conservative William Joynson-Hicks.

A little reported fact from this time, was the strength of feeling around the wearing of hats. Rumour has it that Winston Churchill always remembered this encounter, and this was a key trigger for his subsequent involvement in the conservative party, some 16 years later.

(from Kenipedia)

Special Teams

At the Film Premier of Subbuteopia in Genoa, there was much celebration of Subbuteo over a weekend in the Summer of 2012. High profile Subbuteo celebs were there, including The 1978 Subbuteo World Champion, Andrea Piccaluga (then 15 yrs old), who had his finger insured for £25,000 by Subbuteo Sports Games Ltd. He played a series of games against all-comers on the day much to the delight of the Olds that had gathered together to celebrate and reminisce all things Subbuteo.

In an English corner of the hall where everyone was playing, the D-list Subbuteo celebs, Forfoxsake and Fingers were playing a tournament of their own with some Special Teams. The more bonkers of these teams are pictured below. They were joined by Ghigliotti09 and his family, and played a doubles match with his two young daughters with one goalkeeper each in the same goal! The records (which have been mislaid) showed that Queens Park Palace won the final... in that corner of a foreign field.

Pitchside Strollers

A versatile team. The Photographers make for great wing backs, and the Police hold the line well.

Referee Rovers

A fun team to play with. They curl well left to right, and unpredictably right to left!

The Cricketers

A little out of their comfort zone, but the keeper has a good curl on him, and the umpires are tight at the back.

Queens Park Palace

A regular team that turned out in the South England Lionhearts Old Subbuteo Club meets.

Corinthiken Casuals

Famous for their game with the Oldsubbuteonians. They also featured on Italian TV (see clip @01:27).

Leyton Linesmen

Famously scored a golden goal against one of the legends of the game, Jeff Jordon (with the flag on a rebound!)

The Linesmen at the Chingford Old Subbuteo Event

They actually made the final of the tournament!
...where they lost 5-2! ...but they made the final!

Royal Doulton Subbuteo Figures

Royal Doulton made a set of Subbuteo figures in 2004. There were 13 different strips which related to the following Subbuteo references:

Ref 1 - Man United;

Ref 2 - Everton;

Ref 6 - Watford;

Ref 7 - West Ham;

Ref 8 - Newcastle Utd;

Ref 9 - Southampton;

Ref 16 - Arsenal;

Ref 21 - Leeds Utd;

Ref 25 - Celtic;

Ref 41 - Liverpool;

Ref 42 - Chelsea;

Ref 154 - Derby County.

The bonus model for anyone purchasing all 12 models was Ref 50 - Brazil.

Any serious Subbuteo collector will collect them and keep them in their box in a pristine condition. A more extravagant collector will actually get them out of their box and display them in cabinet. A silly collector will see what they play like…

Here they are lining up for a game! ?
A brilliant back-heeled goal by Pele! ? ...Ok, this wasn't the first attempt! ?
An earlier attempt... ?
More earlier attempts! ?
Peter Osgood rising above the defenders at a corner!

Here was a unique opportunity. Never before had the Subbuteo Royal Doulton FC ever played an actual Subbuteo match. But someone had made a Subbuteo light!

Subbuteo Royal Doulton FC v Subbuteo Lights FC?! ?

Subbuteo Royal Doulton FC ready for their first ever game!
This had 0-0 written all over it!
OK, maybe 5-a-side will work better in the second half!
End to end, expansive and action-packed!
After the game, Peter Osgood did some training and got injured! ??
Then after glue-based surgery he got mended, but is now a defender! ?

Wall Sculptures


Subbuteo spectators enjoying a day out on the Ponte Vecchio, overlooked by an enormous bust of Dante Alighieri with Piazza Singoria and the Battistero, Cattedrale and Camponile in the background...

The scale is not too accurate!
Looking along the bridge...
Spudski and girlfriend on holiday

Tray and plate

Found in a shop in Florence (without the figures!)
If you make a plate like a centre circle, what do you expect?!

Ken and Family in London

Ken and his family are about 200 ft tall!
London belongs to the Baileys!


A bit spooky perhaps...
A matching pair...


Made to celebrate a visit to the Mestre Old Subbuteo Club in 2014.

One slight error is that the spectators taking a ride in the gondola are in the colours of Venezia FC. Mestre are their rivals and play in orange! ?


Ref 1 and Ref 41 on a green mirror
Ref 15 on a red mirror

Subbuteo Chess

Ref 1 v Ref 2. Each with a couple of police horses, trophies and throw-in figures, with a corner kicker king and goalie queen!
Subbuteo chess received press coverage!
This set has Ken as King and the Queen as Queen!

The Cupboards

Behind the South Bank

Horses - a short cameo project!
This probably won't catch on!

The Cheeseboards

Bitey-Ted's Travels

Many years ago, an Old Subbuteo player was give a teddy bear when he was born. The bear became know as 'Bitey-Ted' on the account that if you pressed him in the chest his mouth would open, and when you let go, he would bite your finger! ?

15 years later, Bitey Ted received a gift of a Southampton kit, and has been wearing it ever since...

Bitey-Ted was having a doze on the Subbuteo pitch, when he has captured by a bunch of Southampton Lightweights...
Was Bitey-Ted going to be kept captive for many years?
No, they just wanted him to play in their next match! ?
Slomo replay...
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