The Allotments of Don Bosco

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The allotments

In the Summer of 2014, a new project got underway…The Allotments.

A nice space to cultivate and also watch the games
Bags of something used for allotment-type activity..,.
A to a football pitch ?
The corner hedging to protect from impact injuries

Don Bosco Cinecittà

Then a message came from Giampaolo from Rome…

“It looks like the area around the football pitch of my amateur team 25 years ago playing in the 3rd category: Don Bosco Cinecittà

At 100 meters there were also well-preserved Roman ruins of the aqueduct Felice ... with a flock of sheep perpetually graminivorous on the lawns of the extreme suburb of Rome.

Good times!

However the pitch is now sadly abandoned and uncultivated…”

So the project now had a sense of purpose – inspired by the amateurs of Don Bosco Cinecittà, to return the pitch to its former glory, complete with aqueduct and sheep...

Giampaolo returns...

On 20th July 2014, Giampaolo was inspired to revisit the site with his son, Danilo

In Giampaolo's own words and pics...

"25 years ago, we walked a trail that passed under this first aqueduct… to reach the small bridge over the 'Acqua Mariana canal'…(in roman slang 'Marana')
"On my right the imaginary line side of pitch, and to my left the 'Marana', now dried up, that watered the allotments, located 25 years ago, to the far right of this photo. There is no longer the fence that kept the ball, and we ran after that, ending up in the 'Marana' ... ?
The lines of pitch were drawn every Saturday morning from the old farmer of the allotments, before the match, but they were always a little crooked" ?

The opening ceremony preparations

It was decided to hold the opening ceremony for The Allotments Pitch on Sunday 17th August 2014, when it was discovered that Fabio ‘Donald Crowhurst’ Bertola was popping by (from Milan!) As soon as he heard about this, Jim ‘Forfoxsake’ Westwood decided he would pop by as well (from Andover!)

Giampaolo replied “Too many similarities and amazing coincidences in this thread – August 17th is also my birthday ...”

So after some more investigation, we found out the colours of ‘Don Bosco Cinecittà’ (yellow and blue), and also of their arch rivals ‘Cava dei Selci’ (white with blue trim)…

The preparations for the opening ceremony were made, and Don Bosco Cinecittà returned to inspect the scene and take part in some light pre-match training.

Meeting up with old friends
A relaxed kickabout
Next to the cauliflower and cabbages
In touch with history and heritage
In front of the orchard
Shooting practice at the Pumpkin End

The team photo

Back together after a quarter of a century! ?

Match day

On the morning of the match, some paparazzi pictures emerged of the moment Giampaolo took the selfie with his son!

The fans then start to arrive, full of anticipation for this mythical re-match between ‘Don Bosco Cinecittà’ and ‘Cava dei Selci'

The shed
The Pumpkin Patch end
Best seats in the house ?

Don Bosco Cinecittà was played by Fabio 'Donald Crowhurst' Bertola and Cava dei Selci played was by Jim 'Forfoxsake' Westwood.

Cava dei Selci in upbeat mood, looking forward to the rematch (These figures also guested as Leeds Utd figures with their 2-1 win over Tottenham in the ITV FA Cup Shocks video @01:32).
Spoiler-alert... A spooky co-incidence! ?
These Olds travelled many miles just to play this game.
A legendary effort to celebrate the life and times of HW1966! They were both asked why they made the effort, and both just looked astounded that they needed to be asked... ?

The action...

The kick-off...and straight away into the action!
Cava dei Selci taking control!
Don Bosco applying the pressure...
Almost a third goal just before half-time!
Unbeatable dei Selci keeper!
More Don Bosco pressure...but CdS counter...
The deficit is halved!
Don Bosco - getting close...but no cigar!
Don Bosco - fine effort - fine save!
More Don Bosco pressure...
2nd half gets under way...
A Don Bosco forward has had enough!
The game's settling into being an entertaining spectacle.
The final action of the match...

So the inaugural match on the Allotments of Don Bosco was truly an action-packed match. With Cava dei Selci going 2-0 up by halftime, being met with stout resistance from Don Bosco Cinecittà as they fought back. Unfortunately the final whilst blew before they could equalise and the game finished:

Don Bosco Cinecittà 1 - 2 Cava dei Selci. S'fortunato Don Bosco!

Giampaolo didn’t appear too discouraged however. He responded that Don Bosco Cinecittà was “born to suffer struggling”, and that the 1-2 defeat to Cava dei Selci was the same as the last time they played them back in 1989!

Click on the link for the full story as it unfolded back in 2014.

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