Trombe di Falloppio - Subbuteo

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Trombe di Falloppio - Subbuteo

The roughly translated version...

Known as a demented rock / metal group from Turin founded in 1989, during a trip to Liguria where singer Falloppio met the multi-instrumentalist Marco Strega. Both having a passion for heavy metal, means they produce this type of song...

For the purposes of this website, the lyrics communicate the message that Subbuteo ranks high in the order of things. For those who understand Italian and who may disagree with this interpretation, humble apologies...

Supporting evidence

The supporting evidence that this song is all about the subbeautiful transcendent effect of the joy of play is provided by the late, great Brian Clough. This clip with the gorgeous Cherie Lunghi celebrates Subbuteo's mystical ability that enables our mortal beings to soar high above the enticing draw of the flesh.

For everything there is a season.
A time for every activity under heaven.

A time to reap and a time to sow. A time to 'play' and a time to play... ?


I put the wine in the fridge, the sauce is on the fire,
I put the tablecloth on, but something bugs me:
I would not want to die of embarrassment
If I see her coming in,
I have designed a plan to not bore her.

I have a lot of experience, tactics knowledge,
I don't want to expose myself.
The roast is still raw in the oven.
The bell rings and I let her come in.
She seems well disposed, she wants to play.
After eating she stands smiling, I understand everything.

I don't believe it, I'm dreaming.
I encourage her to come in – no rush.
She likes my bedroom, she'd like to play with the figures.
I also want to play - we play Subbuteo.

Subbuteo first of all, never mind other stuff;
Never mind hot chicks, Subbuteo first of all,

Subbuteo is untouchable,
You can come from behind to win.
I see you ready - You would like to take kick-off.
It's not so difficult to understand;
The rules of the game are so easy.

It appears she doesn't want to play,
with the West German team.
We are wasting a lot of time, Subbuteo is the way.
By Jove! let's start playing;
Do you want to get make me sad?

The rules are the rules, they've always been the rules;
The rules are decided, Subbuteo is the way

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