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The Subbuteo Sound

The recording starts with the Wadhurst School Silver Band playing marching music, which leads into the Subbuteo World Cup song - sung by the Subbuteo Games workers to the tune of "she'll be coming round the mountains".

Then there is a splendid old-school announcer welcoming the teams onto the pitch. The crowd noise rises and falls as the game progresses, with a selection whistles and thumps old leather footballs being hoofed about to add to the atmosphere.

Some crowd chants sung by the Subbuteo workers have been clumsily edited in.

Recorded in 1974, Side 1 is about 5 minutes in length. Side 2 is slightly longer.

Announcer's commentary


And welcome to the game of the year!

The one we’ve always been waiting for…

There’s a capacity crowd here. The conditions are absolutely perfect, with an atmosphere that's really electric.

Now the band’s just leaving the pitch, and we’re waiting for – Yes, I think I can see them…Yes, it’s the teams! Here they come just listen to that roar! …..*’Pheeep!*


Well there it is – A match that had everything!

And one that lived up to its promise.

It’s only a pity that somebody usually has to lose.

But there always another day – another great match to be drawn, lost or won, when we’ll join you again with the Subbuteo Sound.

Singing Ho-Ho-Ho Subbuteo

They will all come round the mountains when they come,

When they win they'll come to Munich - bang the drum!

They will dream of fame and glory, from Leeds to Tobermory,

They'll all come round the mountain, when they come.

Singing Ho, Ho, Ho, Subbuteo, Singing Ho, Ho, Ho, Subbuteo,

From each continent and island, from your land and from my land,

They're all bound for Munich as they go.

Oh, the French boy and the German will be there,

The Italian, Dutch and one from Angleterre,

They will come from Wales and Norway, they'll be found in every doorway,

And Switzerland will come to Munich Fair.

Singing Ho, Ho, Ho, Subbuteo, Singing Ho, Ho, Ho, Subbuteo,

Denmark, Belgium, Cyprus, China, they will come from Asia Minor,

Singing Ho, Ho, Ho, Subbuteo

Now John Waddington will send a trophy bold,

lt may be made of silver or fine gold,

But the boys will come to win it and drink the stuff that's in it,

And finish as their fathers did of old.

Singing Ho, Ho, Ho, Subbuteo,

Belgium, Brummagen, Belfast and Borneo,

With excitement will be bubblin’ from gay Paree to Dublin,


Lyric by Frank Burton of Subbuteo Sports Games Limited.

Other chants

"We are the champions!" *clap, clap cla-clap clap!*

"We are the champions!" *clap, clap cla-clap clap!*

"We are the champions!" *clap, clap cla-clap clap!*

Nice one Cyril, Nice one Son, Nice one Cyriiiil... Let's 'ave another one!"

"2, 4, 6, 8 - Who do we appreciate? S-U-B-B-U-T-E-O Subbuteo!"

*Clap, clap, clap!* Subbute-oh! *Clap, clap, clap!* Subbute-oh! *Clap, clap, clap!* Subbute-ohhhhhh!

Chant: “We won the cup, we won the cup, ee -aye-adio, we won the cup!”Subbuteohhhhhh! 'Raaaayy!!"

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