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Subbuteo Spectrum Title Music

Developed in 1990, here's summary of the game review by

  • Very close to the real thing
  • Slower than the real thing
  • More tactical than the real thing

The review says the game has an excellent user interface...

  • To kick the ball, you first select the player you want, rotate an arrow to choose which direction to 'flick' then hold the fire button down while the strength of flick bar goes up.
  • When you release the fire button a second "swerve" bar goes up. Press fire in the middle of this bar for a straight flick. You get more swerve on the ball the further away from the middle you press.
  • These selections are done "real time", so timing and reflexes are crucial.

Other positive comments:

  • The computer player is very good at swerve
  • His defensive flicks are very accurate.
  • You can consult Subbuteo rules at any time during the game,
  • The game offers the relevant section of the rulebook whenever you make a mistake.

The bottom video clip has the computer showing you how to play the game.

So you can decide if you think the claims are fair or not (close to the real thing, but slower and more tactical?)

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