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Falco Subbuteo - Tawdrily Annexed

Deep in the pages of the Free Music Archive, you can find the work of the little known York band Falco Subbuteo.

"Falco Subbuteo was formed in 2007 by Val Persona and Gwilly Edmondez. Val is a composer; Gwilly is basically this thing. The duo share an impatience with much of the protocol-infested orthodoxy of avant garde music in the UK." Listen, and it's quite clear this impatience is manifestly manifest! ?

This adapted version of the track features special guests the real Falco Subbuteo, and Ref 52 Subbuteo OHW figure...

Falco Subbuteo clip from Blue Rinse @ The Bridge Hotel

Falco Subbuteo (Val Persona violin and Gwilly Edmondez electronics/voice) performing at Blue Rinse @ The Bridge Hotel Newcastle, 23rd Feb 2012.

This is nothing if not utterly authentic.

This would suggest the above adaptation of their track Tawdrily Annexed, with a real Falco Subbuteo and Ref 52 OHW figure, might be the most authentic piece of music in the history of the world since the dawn of time... ?

Naturally, viewers of the site are entitled to reach their own conclusion about this arguably extravagant claim...

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