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"Pure Nostalgic Subbuteo Joy"

Stewart 'Youbutteo' Grant discovered the Stadium of Fingers and featured the event in his regular Vlog. It was a deviation from his 'onboxing' extravaganzas, but if you want to see these, there are plenty to see!

Watching someone open Subbuteo items bought mostly on ebay... really?...this is what we do now? Bonkers! ?

But we do when it's Youbutteo, because he's like some big kid, unashamedly excited about Subbuteo, Honest and down to earth pure nostalgic joy.

This clip, shows one of his features...and then another one...and then some more! Hello, hello, hello....Youbutteo! ?

Sorry Stew... we couldn't resist it ?

The day Youbutteo came round to play...
Youbutteo reviews his experience in the Stadium of Fingers (Game 1 with The Craftsman; Game 2 with Ghigliotti09)

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