Too warm for you Brian?

Other Extras

Subbuteo - Eastern Electricity Advert

Eastern Electricity Advert starring Cherie Lunghi, Brian Clough and if you really pay attention, James Herbert's hand...

Cherie Lunghi played football manager Gabriella Benson in the The Manageress, a television series about a woman who becomes manager of a professional football team. It ran from 1989 to 1990 and had two seasons. The series also starred Warren Clarke as chairman of the struggling Second Division football club.

Brian Clough also managed a few teams...

Brian Clough: “I’ve brought my team down, are you ready?”

Cherie Lunghi: “It’s all set up in my spare room.”

Brian Clough: “I’ll keep my coat on, ‘cos it’ll be freezing up there.”

Cherie Lunghi: ?

Narrator: “Electric storage heaters are economical to run and controllable. Really simple to install, they’re an easy way to warm up a cold spot, whatever you’re heating system.”

Brian Clough: “Your kick-off young man – Pheeeep!”

James Herbert's hand: "Flick! " ⚽?

Cherie Lunghi: …. "Bit too warm for you Brian?”

Brian Clough: “It was offside.”

Narrator: “For everything you need to know about storage heating, pick up a brochure from your nearest heating specialist."

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