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The concept

Below are lots of entertaining episodes of Table Football Monthly, hosted by Keith Littler and Andy Smith, with a hatful of assists by Danielle Goscomb, and appearances by some 'supersub' guests.

Anything involving a table and a football is fair game for coverage, and there's loads of informative and fun features on Subbuteo.

There is "oodles of stuff" (in their own words), including the miniature replaying of famous football incidents, reviews of table football games and accessories, interviews with players, collectors and enthusiasts, challenges and competitions and much, much more!

Regular episodes

July 2019 - The first episode

Keith and Andy kick things off and pass the ball to Danielle for the news.

Then a review of the game 4-2-4, with some demos, before recreating Man Utd and Man City playing the final games of the 2012 season - "Aguerooooh!!!"

There's an explanation of the Subbuteo Challenge and interview with special guest Bernard O'Connor, and a review of some newer and brighter Subbuteo floodlights (at night time!)

Episode 2 - August 2019

The news this month includes the results of Bristol Subbuteo Club opening matches of the season, before a nostalgic look at 'Shoot' magazine before reviewing magnetic football games.

The recreation this month is the 1970 World Cup match between Brazil and Italy (using Pro Football).

The Subbuteo Challenge is with guest John Lauder, and finally some trying out of some striped Subbuteo pitches...

Episode 3 - September 2019

This week sees a comparison between Topsin and HW figures, and then a whole team of Mark Lawrensons get a run out playing 'Striker'.

This month's re-enactment is the 1960 European Cup Final - Real Madrid's 7-3 win over Eintracht Frankfurt.

The guys meet Stewart Grant of Youbbuteo fame, who takes on the Subbuteo Challenge, and finally there's a look at Football Express - the classic Subbuteo 5-a-side game...

Episode 4 - October 2019

There is a revisiting of the time when Parodi took Subbuteo to Italy leading to a comparison between the Zeugo and the HW figures.

Andy then tells more of the Striker story before a re-enactment of the title decider of 1989 between Arsenal and Liverpool - with commentary by Brian Moore(!)

A brief song & dance intermission "We only sing when we're spinning" sets up the interview with guest Chris Burford talking about the Solo 'Fantasy' Subbuteo League.

Episode 5 - November 2019

A review of the new Subbuteo Real Madrid set, leads to nostalgia of Subbuteo inlays.

The main event is a road trip to the Old Sods Old Subbuteo Club! where Keith and Andy play a few games, eat pork pies and chat with a few of the Old Sods, one of whom (Richard Roper) has a more than creditable go at the Subbuteo Challenge.

Back in the studio, there's a look at the club strips and the pressure to create a new Subbuteo figure type where it was easier to replicate these strips in miniature.

Episode 6 - December 2019

A 'Subbuteo-style v Tipp Kick Floodlight Fight' features in this episode. The Bristol Subbuteo Club trophy presentations follows with some Subbuteo Challenge efforts from the club members.

The product review looks at Waddington's Table Soccer from 1965 onwards, and Shoot from the 1950s - both tiddlywink style! These are used to replay a couple of iconic moments "Lee. Interesting - Very interesting! Oh - look at his face! Just look at his face!" Then...a discussion: it is 'football' or 'soccer'?

Episode 7 - January 2020

The show starts with a musical number celebrating the Subbuteo World Cup Edition! Then the box is opened!

The classic 'New Footy' game is reviewed, and the controversial invention of Subbuteo, with the accusations of copying!

The Subbuteo Challenge given a go by Bristol Subbuteo Club's Aaron Skinner.

Danielle and Smiffy then check out 'Tipp Kick' , invented by Edwin Mieg in 1924.

Episode 8 - February 2020

The iconic Subbuteo Munich Edition features front and centre in this episode.

The product review checks out Chad Valley's Big League, which had it's (short) day in the sun.

This month's Subbuteo challenge is all about Roland Lyons who launches himself to the top of the table.

Finally the lads check out the new Subbuteo snow pitch and show a few clips from their homemade muddy pitch.

Episode 9 - March 2020

This episode starts at a look at some pitches and how to get them flat. later on in the episode these get a try out.

A piece on a Subbuteo starter set follows, which is followed by a look at mechanical table football games.'Casdon Soccer' from 1966, and the later 'Chad Valley' version amongst others.

Keith and Smiffy then compete for the 'It's a Knock Out Subbuteo Challenge' trophy!

"Those were the days" plays us out...

Episode 10 - April 2020

The show starts with a look at the iconic Esso football club badge set and other collectables.

Keith then explains the link between Subbuteo figures and the socio-economic issues of the 1970s, which leads to a comparison of a range of different player bases.

Then it's a load of balls. Big ones, small ones, glossy ones and orange ones to mention a few...before checking out the trend-setting'tellstar' ball'.

Episode 11 - May 2020

A look at the modern slippy-slidey players in this episode, checking a few different ones out with some of the Subbuteo Challenge tasks.

Then a review of the dice-based Super Soccer game endorsed by Bobby Charlton, complete with cardboard stadium! ?

There's a look at a few new pitches, including a a traditional English-style muddy Subbuteo pitch - not unlike the Baseball Ground back in the 1970s!

Episode 12 - June 2020

Keith shares a few gifts received from viewers, including some moist balls!? ?

This episode focuses on how to get back into Subbuteo, with few tips on pitches, and how to spruce a second hand one up. Then a look at which balls run straight and a quick chat through different player types.

Big League is revisited with its flaw of the rubbish goalies. Keith discovers a later version with moving keepers! Cue 15-year old press-ganged guest Sophie who duly does Keith up like a kipper...

Episode 13 - July 2020

The new training pitch is unveiled and Keith demonstrate a few basic flicking techniques with different player types, including a focus on 'blocking'.

Danielle reviews the women's Subbuteo set - arguably a bit sparse, so could be viewed as a bit of a Subbuteo experiment.

There's a Striker re-match between Keith and Smiffy.

Finally, there's a look at a Advanced Subbuteo Rules of 1968.

Episode 14 - August 2020

Keith and Smiffy try out the classic Tomy Super Cup Football, and then Danielle gives the Studio Tour Guide.

Then there's a review of the development of Subbuteo goalkeepers over time.

Keith reminisces about some old Football shirts and then then checks out the new Subbuteo England Main Game set.

Episode 15 - September 2020

Special guest Housemartins' Stan Cullimore isn't really interviewed by Keith, but they do have a bit of a chat...

The muddy pitch then features in a re-enactment of the legendary 1972 FA Cup tie between Hereford and Newcastle Utd.

Then there's a look the old 'no blocking in the opponents half' rule, and a few other rules that developed over time.

The range of Subbuteo associations created over the years were then reviewed.

Episode 16 - October 2020

Smiffy reviews the game FT Champs and concludes "It's a good one for the shelf..." !

A re-enactment of Geoff Hurst's 4th (they think it's all over - it is now) goal in the '66 Final precedes part 2 of the history of the business development of Subbuteo and the evolution of Subbuteo associations.

It all gets a bit intense with lots of politics and controversy, and after watching this presentation you might get the sense that all you need is a few mates to play with (e.g. the Old Sods Old Subbuteo Club!)

Episode 17 - December 2020

There's a look at some creative alternatives to the Subbuteo 'target board' and Danielle introduces some of the best moments of the first 18 months of Table Football Monthly, which feature at various stages.

Keith continues the story of Subbuteo from the 1990s, including the release of the Dream Team set, and chats about different perceptions of the Holy Grail of Subbuteo, and duly reviews the 'Subbuteo World of Sport' box set.

Episode 18 - January 2021

This episode starts with a reported thrashing of Keith by his wife over Christmas. Keith appears to have recovered from this and chats over a couple of new pitches to kick start the year - including the recently produced snow pitch.

The retro game this month is Soccer Craft, with a nice little demo...

The main feature reviewed the flickability of various Subbuteo bases. Maybe we are biased, but check out Southampton v Chelsea HWs spin flick at 52:54 ??

Episode 19 - February 2021

Floodlights! Starting from the controversial Alan Hardaker. Love him or loath him, Subbuteo fans owe him a debt of gratitude for the 3-handled League Cup and Subbuteo floodlights. Keith reminisces about the feeble battery-powered lights, and explores a range of more modern options to light up the whole pitch.

Pitch dimensions and surfaces from different games, a quick preview of a solo world-sup final and then a look solo keepers to give us a few ideas to try out during lockdown!

Episode 20 - August 2021

Back after a lockdown break with an Elvis-style comeback, the changes to youtube's terms and conditions, means the show will probably move to another platform.

Keith shows shooting angles, and accurate passing, and then an episode of 'Flick of the Day' is hosted by Danielle, supported by pundits Archie Jacket and Bert Trousers.

The show concludes with a demo of Penalty Shot, a fairly basic game, but addictive game, with some nice colourful graphics on structure of tin and perspex.

Episode 21 - January 2022

This episode explains the moving of TFM to another platform and then presents highlights of the Subbuteo skills challenge between Cardiff Bluebirds and Bristol Subbuteo Clubs.

Subbuteo - the computer game (amongst others) is then reviewed by Keith's son. Suffice to say the Subbuteo game received a less than glowing write-up! The judgement was to play the real thing - analogue fun in a digital world!


Lockdown Special - Part 1

The history of Subbuteo goals and nets features in this lockdown special, interspersed with some re-enactment of famous goals down the years.

The 1973 FA Cup Final features with Motty commentating Ian Porterfield's goal for Sunderland against Leeds. The Subbuteo Presentation Set features in a classic scene at the end.

Products reviewed are Kika Goal and 'No.1 Goal Keeper Soccer Game, with its all action goalies and throw-in figures.

Lockdown Special - Part 2

A re-enactment get things moving, with the European Cup Final between Celtic and Inter Milan in 1967. Jock Stein...Billy McNeil... Lisbon Lions!

The product review is the Pegasus 5-a-sde pitch.

A thorough review of the game 'Soccer Craft' features, with a replay of Man Utd v Everton from 1969.

Lockdown Special - Part 3

The First Aid Set gets a special mention, which introduces a section on the use of substitutes. The 1961 FA Cup Final is used to show the use of this 'bewildering' accessory...

Then a spotlight on lightweight figures with a few recreations to show off the detailed machine painting, with a focus on the advertising logos on shirts.

Lockdown Special - Part 5

The review of player types continues along with a look at some starter sets including from Zeugo, Subbuteo and Astrobase, or cobbling one together from various accessories found on-line.

Subbuteo Challenge - Players guide

Danielle explains the Subbuteo Challenge, demonstrating the various tasks.

Keith plays a supporting role as Danielle's assistant...but also ends up demonstrating some of the associated skills.

Goal of the Year 2019

A few clips from different table football games to inspire a 'Goal of the Year' competition.

Solo Keeping

A feature on the solo Subbuteo leagues, and how various players try to make goalkeeping a realistic thing.

A few re-enactments and a bit of Blue-Peter "here's one we made earlier" feature...

Training Pitch Special

Keith shows how the training pitch works, the points that can be scored, and the penalties for messing things up...

There's training exercises for passing, curling and shooting, and all points in-between...

Solo Play Special

The 1970 2nd division clash between Portsmouth and Norwich City.

First, a few house rules of Solo Subbuteo were explained, designed to give the home side an advantage.

A close encounter, plenty of chances and goals worthy of celebration. ?

Subbuteo Passion 2021 World Cup Final

Alan Crampton was playing a solo World Cup, when the TFM crew appeared to televise the final between Australia and Portugal. Alan's games are available to the populous via his you-tube channel, but now, with multiple camera angles and match commentator, this coverage takes it all a step further.

Look out for the half-time Minty Pinty ad: The fresh taste from Huhöårshteböurgh, brewed by the Muppets very own Swedish Health Specialists.

Christmas Special 2021

Keith takes us on a journey of nostalgia, from the early days of Subbuteo. A few special guests then feature playing other football games, including: 'No. 1 Soccer Game', 'Casdon Football', and Chad Valley's 'Soccer Stadium', 'Big League', 'Striker' and 'TAF 4-2-4'.

But, reviewing the 'new' old flat-style figures, Keith concludes: "The playing figures are total rubbish!... if you want to play it, particularly if you want to play against somebody, I'm afraid it is misery on a table - It's joyless!"

00-Scale TFM crew in the Stadium of Fingers

Around April/May 2021, Keith conveyed that keeping the show going solo-style during lockdown was taking its toll. And then with Youtube changing their terms of use, Keith highlighted things were on hold due to TFM's stance against the monetising of their content.

So, as a tribute to the sterling efforts of the TFM crew, and particularly of Keith over nearly two action-packed years, the Friends of Old Subbuteo hosted a 00-scale Keith, Smiffy and Danielle in the Stadium of Fingers, for a special edition, exploring the production of Subbuteo spectators.

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