Subbuteo Rugby Advert 1970s

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Subbuteo Rugby Advert 1970s

The Rugby Scrummer

The scrummer, which features in the Advert. Described by Peter Upton as "...essentially the reason the set was produced...a neat solution to this distinct rugby set-piece."

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*Crowd noise*

Subbuteo Table Rugby!

Wales in the red to kick off.

England in the all-white-strip.

There's a Scottish referee keeping his eye on this exciting game of Subbuteo Table Rugby.

*Whistle!* It's a scrum-down! With the special Subbuteo scrummer.

Wales get the ball. There's a kick for touch.

England get the ball from the lineout. Their winger evades the tackle, and it's a try!

What a conversion!

Subbuteo Table Rugby - League or Union.

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