Subbuteo Advert 1987

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Subbuteo Advert 1987

The 'dodgy flick' advert

One of the most controversial issues that arises in a game of Subbuteo is the incident of the 'dodgy flick'.

To fuel the fire, Subbuteo released an avert showing two youngsters innocently enjoying a game. Take the flicks in turn...

0:09 - Kick-off. A lovely shove-flick to get the game started.

0:15 - Flicking with the side of the finger.

0:20 - Nudging the player up to the ball before shooting.

What lessons do we learn here about Subbuteo, and life?... Basketball legend Michael Jordon probably sums it up..."Just play, have fun and enjoy the game!" 😀

Both youngsters guilty of dodgy flicking and enjoying a game of Subbuteo! 😀


Subbuteo. Oh - Oh - Oh - Oh!

Subbuteo. Oh - Oh - Oh - Oh!

Subbuteo. The champions - The champion game of all!


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