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Laurel and Hardy in 'Our Relations'


Stan and Ollie each have an identical twin brother, a fact they keep secret from their wives out of fear that the girls will divorce them if they knew what 'lowlife' siblings their husbands had.

The twins, Alf and Bert, are sailors who just happen to be in town on leave. Obviously the scene is set for multiple cases of mistaken identity.

Naturally, the truth is eventually discovered, and the Laurels and Hardys enjoy a happy reunion.

Whilst Alf and Bert are in town on shore leave carrying a valuable pearl ring entrusted to them by their ship's captain.

In this clip a gang of hoodlums try to steal the ring Stanley and Oliver wind up with their feet in cement, about to be dumped into the harbour...

This film was released in 1936, and Subbuteo was invented in 1947. So was this film the inspiration?

No! because Newfooty (the fore-runner to Subbuteo) was also played on curved bases, was first produced in 1929 by William L. Keeling. So, clearly Mr Keeling was the inspiration behind this 'keeling over' Laurel and Hardie scene... ?

For our Italian visitors... ?

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