Falco Subbuteo

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The Eurasion Hobby - Falco Subbuteo

In 1946, the inventor of Subbuteo, Peter Adolph had his application to register his table football game as 'The Hobby' turned down. As a keen ornithologist, he decided on Subbuteo as the name...

The sound of the Falco Subbuteo

Most Subbuteo players don't share the inventor's enthusiasm for his other 'hobby, and will only have seen this bird as part of the logo, or on top of the famous Waddingtons trophy. Very few will ever have heard its song.

This clip captures the 'Song of Subbuteo'...

Falco Subbuteo in flight

Poetry in motion, as a Falco Subbuteo soars in the sky. Our hero is joined by another, and they fly straight and curl together (without polish...)

An early definition

From the 1819 edition of the Cyclopædia, or an Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences.

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