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New advert - New figures - Old feeling

Motty, Subbuteo & FAABI

The Friends of Old Subbuteo promoting the new advert, with the new figures??

In 2013, Subbuteo (via Paul Lamond Games) contacted us and asked if they could put ITV in touch, so they could use the backdrop of the Stadium of Fingers for their FA Cup Final piece.

The obvious answer of "Yes - when can they get here!" resulted in a great piece shown on FA Cup Final day, hosted by Adrian Chiles.

ITV and Subbuteo both made a donation to kick start the FAABI Subbuteo events (for Brain Injury Survivors) which included a nice selection of their new teams.

These figures (with their larger flat bases) proved to be perfect for folks who hadn't really played before, or for ages!

These events, based on the principles the standard of play is irrelevant, but a cheerful disposition is mandatory(!), are played with new bases in the Old spirit. ?


"There are moments if life that you will never forget,

Memories of playing a game like no other...

Spanning the generations;

Spending quality time together as a family;

The excitement – The roar of the crowd;

The shot – The goal!

Subbuteo – Become part of the game...

Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow.

Subbuteo – From University Games"

Motty, as seen in the Stadium of Fingers, Bespoke Accessories page
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