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Admiral Court Care Home, Subbuteo and the Admiral kit

An invitation

Brian asked the Friends of Old Subbuteo if they would run a demonstration Subbuteo session at Admiral Court Care Home in Leigh-on-Sea.

The Friends of Old Subbuteo said "Yeesssss!", and it was game on! ?

Lee turned up after 3 hours kip from doing his night shift at the home ? kitted out in his England 1982 Admiral shirt to match the team he was playing with.

England were playing against Plymouth Argyle...!

The event drew a bit of a crowd, with many residents popping in to watch some of the action.

The game...

Steve (Plymouth Argyle) and Lee (England 1982) played out two halves, and at 2-2 after about an hour, the classic 'next goal wins' principle, from 'the-sun-is-going-down-and-it's-dinnertime' rulebook was enacted! ?

Lee's defence stood firm, ably supported by a 00-scale Mick Mills and Kenny Sansom, and after length of the pitch breakaway move, Paul Mariner scored the winning goal.

Some of the residents got involved in the game with Martin starring at the England goalie (Ray Clemence), and Lena making some quality offside decisions - once by raising her mince pie and once by raising her glass of wine. Both great decisions - no need for VAR!

Getting ready to play...

The early arrivals, ready for a game of two halves, where everyone will give 110%, hoping at the end of the day they will be "Over the moon Brian"! ?
Lee kitted up in the shirt to match the figures he is playing with. Steve had left his football shirt in Sports Direct, not realising Lee would be so into it! ?

Match action...

After a perfect throw-in, Keegan chips the keeper to score England's first goal!
Sansom about to take the throw-in for Keegan to score...
After Robson was fouled, Hoddle scores the equaliser from the direct free kick!
Lee about to score by flicking Kevin Keegan, who will do a lovely chip over the keeper.
Steve a bit late to attempt a save with his keeper... ?
Martin getting ready to play as the goalie - rolling back the years! ?
Martin now taking the throw-in. He's only gone and lobbed it straight to the player's feet! ? Is there no limit to this man's talent??! ??

Back at the home...26th Feb 2022

A return to Admirals Court after the winter lockdown, saw Shadnam playing a 'special teams' role, taking the throw-ins and corner kicks.

Truth be said - she came to Lee's rescue! Lee was playing Mansfield and was 2-0 down to Steve's Plymouth at halftime. The second half saw a spirited fightback, with Plymouth being pegged back to 2-2!

Steve and Lee then played an England (Lee) v Scotland (Steve) game, where the tartan army threatened to run amok!

The final score was England 0 Scotland 3!

A few interested spectators wandered through, and there was also a bit of air-hockey happening, that afternoon, with Brian showing some quality skills with the puck.

Shadnam and Lee teaming up but being fended off by Steve's goalie...
This time the dreaded duo breached the defence. If you watch closely, you can see the first forward head-butting the post, and rebounding to set the ball up for his teammate. His teammate then blasts the ball passed the hapless goalie, and sprints to the corner flag, where he leaps out of his base to do a slide goal celebration! ?
The celebrating player!
Ready for Subbuteo with air-hockey in the background.
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