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Westcliff SVP

Westcliff SVP was created in 2000, and has been involved in supporting homeless people through the Winter Night Shelter and many vulnerable people within the community who need a hand with bills, food parcels, necessities, emotional / spiritual support and other services

In the Summer of 2021, as lockdown restrictions were eased, the Friends of Old Subbuteo were asked to hold a Subbuteo event at their Community Support Hub. The Friends of Old Subbuteo don't need a second invite to arrange a local Subbuteo event, so it was game on!

The event

This was either the first time anyone had played Subbuteo, or the first time for at least a couple of decades!

With two tables set up, there was a chance for anyone to have a go, and with a barbecue being prepared and served by our host and event organiser Daniel, there was a relaxed atmosphere for folks to eat, chat and play, as they wished.

In the end, 5 games were played, some lasting around 20 minutes with others played for nearly an hour! For some (especially Lee), once the playing got started, it wasn't very easy to stop! 😅 The game with Elliot was a bit of a marathon, and eventually needed settling with an epic shootout.

The games

Lee 2 v 2 Steve (Lee won 1-0 on shots)

Chris 1 v 0 Alex

Steve 1 v 0 Jimmy

Lee 0 v 0 Elliot (Lee won 4-2 on shots)

Graham ? v ? Russell

The result of the game between Graham and Russell is unrecorded. It might go down as a mythical Subbuteo incident - a mystery never to be solved(!) 🤔 ...or, it might be we find this out at the next event!

The action...

Steve on the attack and shoots! In the background Graham and Russell are playing that mythical mystery Subbuteo match
Steve has clearly missed the target , as Lee is taking a goal kick. In the background, is a goal being scored in the mystery match?
Chris and Alex in the foreground, with Lee and Elliot drawing what is to date, a record crowd attendance for a game of Subbuteo at Westcliff SVP!
Half way through their epic encounter, Lee fends off an Elliot attack. Elliot plays in a thoughtful, yet casual style. Lee is more your 'all-action' type of player!
Elliot lines up for a shot on goal...
Lee being goalie while eating cake!
Elliot is more of an Orangina goalie!
The shootout... Elliot blasts this one wide! 😲
Lee chips into the roof of the net - first time he's played? 😎

Next event is planned for October 2021... watch this space! 😀

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