Southend-on-Sea Old Subbuteo Club Tournament 2019

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The 5th SoS OSC Tournament was held on 10th September 2019, with a meal the night before in the pie-serving Pipe of Port restaurant. A healthy turnout of 18 Olds created a fun-packed weekend, which included a pre-tournament game of Subbuteo cricket!

The players

Rocket: Last Christmas he experienced OldSubbuteo at the SoF, and has now brought the Old Sods with him!

Puffin: Genius creator - breathing 00-scale life into Harry Potter, and Star Wars figures!

JohnCLU48: A seasoned OldSubbuteo traveller - Always seeking authentic OldSubbuteoic experiences!

Down the Wing: Doesn't know he is called 'Down the Wing' yet, but when your surname is 'Heron', that was destined to happen!

Spudski: Spud, Spudder, Spudderman. making his long awaited visit to the SoF - so overdue and so anticipated by the thousands of 00-scale spectators!

The Cat: The legend of the Flats game - a genuine Old. A multi-national champion who is a true sport - happy to play with everyone on all of the impossible pitches at the SoS OSC events, year after year!

VecchiaGuardia1972: The 'Old Soldier' who returns to this corner of England most every year!

The Craftsman: Current holder of the Sportsmanship award on the English National Flats Championships - never not having fun with Subbuteo!

Barreteo: Has a surprising turn of pace when presented with a shooting opportunity. The thoughts of a bad back disappear as he sheds approximately 30 years in mind and body!

Ute Ubo: Always flickin' and always rockin' - For those about to flick - we salute Ute!

Malts: Always utterly surprised at what can happen in Subbuteo - most frequently used phrase: "I don't believe it! 😲"

Gullseye: A mythical appearance at the SoF wearing glam-rock platform boots, to enhance reach!

Forfoxsake: Was there ever a person so OldSubbuteo as Forfoxsake. The benchmark of bonkersness and pure enjoyment...bringing his 00-figures alive in every game!

Ghigliotti09: So happy to play OldSubbuteo with anyone and everyone, and no-one ever gets hammered, despite the talent that flows from his finger-nail!

Youbutteo: Youbutteo - You beauty! - Quality enthusiast - no-one collects with more enthusiasm - no-one!

JLR: Will be making the trip after watching Canterbury City v Corinthian with the other 155 fanatical supporters!

Snake70: So disappointed when the Harry Potter train stopped working during his game on the Subbwarts pitch last year - this is exactly what we should get disappointed about in life! ...This year Rudi, this year!...

Donald Crowhurst: The legendary fabiobertola, always and forever 'Old'!

Before the tournament...

Subbuteo Cricket???

T'was the night before the tournament, when all thro' the house, not a creature was stirring...until the Old Sods turned up for a spot of Subbuteo Cricket!

As ever with the Old Sods, there was Much Ado about Banter. The various clips of the match highlights are shown here...

This clip captures the mood. A ball delivered by Ute Ubo, which Puffin may or may not have fended off. Plenty of (dodgy) opinions are given, and the game stops for a 'Review' as everyone goes downstairs to check the video replay...

A pairs game on the Star Wars pitch

Puffin's unique handcrafted teams of stormtroopers and rebel fighter pilots! πŸ˜€ John and Fingers play for the rebels and Puffin and Gullseye play on the dark side...
A corner is taken from high on a crag near the pod race arena.
Note, for the corner kicker to be used, an attacker needs to be taken off the pitch first.
The keeper has this one covered....
The stormtroopers had a clear shot on goal, but a sharp defensive flick by an alert rebel fighter pilot took the sting out of the shot. the keeper did the rest...
A controversial corner here. According to FingerFox Rules, this should be a penalty, on account of the keeper punching the attacker in the head. However, no attacker has been taken off the pitch to allow the use of the corner kicker. on...!?

Fuelling up...

A spot of grub...
Some nibbles to munch on

The tournament matches

In the Allotments of Don Bosco

Forfoxsake either admiring or fending of one of those 'all too frequent' attacks by Ghigliotti09!
An entertaining opening game between Spudski and Gullseye, peppered by quality and/or comical moments
JohnClu48 taking on the legend that is Youbuteo!
Spud getting into all sorts of bother with the women...
It's another of those pesky attacks by Marco!

On the Anglo-Italian pitch

John and vecchiaguardia find themselves somewhere between Rome and Florence.
Spudski leaning over Westminster Cathedral while Ute Ubo mounts an attack from the Vatican
A kickabout in St Peter's square
John tried a sneaky double-shot. It wasn't successful, but that's not the point...

The view from Big Ben and the Palace

The Green and Tan Stadium

The Green and Tan Stadium braces itself for the chaos that will undoubtedly come from Malts v Forfoxsake!
Rocket has a poke but it's well saved by Gullseye as they share the spoils in this encounter...
This corner needed re-taking, but Jim could've claimed a penalty for handball!
It's as if they're waiting for the miniature figures to play on their own...
Somewhere within the general banter, a game of Subbuteo is being played!

In Old Subbuteo Town

Barreteo sensibly keeps the ball in the middle of the park when playing Down the Wing
The Subbuteioc ritual of the positional flicks at a corner.
First Adam...then Adam...
Gullseye and Snake70 meet in the first round of the Stadium of Fingers Cup
After a tight 0-0 battle, it goes to sudden-death shots...
The fans sitting on the Old Subbuteo Shop enjoy the action...

In the Park

Barreteo v Youbuteo - an epic encounter in amongst the foliage!
JLR and Snake70... Jumpers on trees for goalposts! πŸ˜„
A close-up of an attack being mounted
This clip needs to be watched a few times for full enjoyment! πŸ˜‚
The attack has caught the defence out!

At the Seaside

The Old Guard keeping a close eye on the antics of Barreteo...
Defence has been turned into attack, as the keeper saves!
Two Old Sods at the seaside!
The Snake and The Cat playing their semi-final...
Spud attacks the Beach Hut End

On the Star Wars pitch

Donald 'Fabio' Crowhurst, gets a rare shooting opportunity against The Cat during his commendable 1-1 draw with the multiple national flats champion!
An all action shot of Youbuteo and Down the Wing, in their epic Star Wars battle. Down the Wing is about to pounce on his keeper to make a dramatic last-minute save!

The clips below show an epic 'shoot-out' between Spud and Puffin, on the Star Wars pitch. They've decided to use the homemade free-kick taker, to chip the ball over the 4-man wall. Also, keep an eye on the missiles that are being pinged across the pitch to put off the player taking the shot... πŸ˜„

The winning shot! Puffin appears to be distracted by the missile he was getting ready to fire to put Spud off his shot...!

At Subbwarts

An Italian invasion of the Subbwarts pitch, as Fabio and Rudi weave their magic...
Ute Ubo is casting a Subbwarts spell to make the Craftsman score an own goal!
Fabio takes a snapshot and hits the post, or whatever the right hand side of a half-loop is called!?! πŸ˜•
The figure is lucky that the train loses power momentarily to give it time to get off the track!
The epic Gryffindor Subbuteo figures created by Puffin!
The Craftsman is through on goal against Ute Ubo, and times his shot perfectly, as the Hogwarts Express goes round the back of Ute's goal, obstructing his keeping hand!
Shame about the execution of the shot though! πŸ™„

In the Stadium of Fingers

Rocket keeps vigilant as Malts attempts the classic 'lean over the highest bit of terracing' flick... πŸ™„
Puffin is wondering how his Stormtrooper figure got sniped mid-flick. Little does he know that Ute can use the Force... 😎
Spud and The Fox in the Stadium of Fingers in their Group B match...
Now it's Rocket's turn to try the standard Stadium of Fingers 'contortion flick'...
There's often a point mid-flick where one wonders how far one can lean...
A group of Olds, absorbed in the Stadium of Fingers experience...
Spudski with a useful shooting chance, dealt with nonchalantly by the player formerly (and currently) known as Forfoxsake
Spudski takes the corner, but it's not clear what has happened here...

The group matches results and tables

Group A

After some 30 goals have been scored, twice as many shots saved, and a few blunders and lucky flicks, the group table shows The Cat clear at the top.

With all players picking up points it was quite tight for the qualifying places for the Stadium of Fingers Cup, but the draw specialist Puffin edged the Craftsman for the final place.

Snake70 recovered well after a couple of early losses to end up 3rd in the table.

The Craftsman is duly entered into into the Tournament of Scoundrels πŸ˜€

Group B

Ghigliotti09 makes it a clean sweep, leaving, a Fox, a Gull and a Spud fighting over runners-up spot, with the expansive free-flowing style of the Fox creating a healthy goal-average and winning through.

Gullseye showed a shrewd Old Subbuteo head on Old Subbuteo shoulders as he amassed 5 points despite only scoring 2 goals!

Rocket and Malts valiantly contested the bottom of the table, with Malts claiming the Southernmost spot on account of Rocket getting a draw with Gullseye.

Both Rocket and Malts however are destined for the Tournament of Scoundrels...

Group C

Both JLR and JohnClu48 achieved infinite goal average! 😲 😎 To be fair, neither player was expecting this at the beginning of the day, but it happened, so they can both make a justified entry into their respective Subbuteo diaries...

JLR however, took the qualification spot for the Stadium of Fingers Cup on goals scored.

Youbuteo had success(!), after his more modest performances at the recent Christmas event, where he acknowledge publicly on his Youbuteo youtube channel that he "lost massively!"

Barreteo and Down the Wing both got off the mark with a draw when they met in Old Subbuteo Town.

The finals

The Stadium of Fingers Cup Final

At 1pm in the afternoon, Snake70 hadn't won a game! In contrast, Ghigliotti09 had won 4!

It appears Snake70's secret is to play other animals, as the afternoon saw an epic cup run, seeing off a Gull, a Fox and a Cat! πŸ˜‚

Ghigliotti remained the favourite though - the current holder of the Stadium of Fingers Cup and reigning national flats champion...

However, the Stadium of Fingers is no respecter of reputations and after a stunning 3-1 victory, the Year of the Snake came 2 years early! 😲

The Old Subby Cup Final

The Old Subby Cup, contested by 2 Old Sods.

Which Old Sod would be the Oldest and Subbiest?

This was a tense, serious affair with a strong competitive edge to it - only broken by non-stop banter and incessant bonkerness!

It turns out it wasn't a tense, serious, competitive affair after all! πŸ˜„

Ute was a true sport in his defeat, and congratulated Spudski on his victory by writing on the tournament sheet "won by a sneaky goal!"

The Tournament of Scoundrels Final

Both players had been here before...

JohnClu48 was here last year, when he lost a close game to Loscao 0-1.

The Craftsman reached the Scoundrels Cup Final in the very first tournament in 2015, where he lost out in a sudden-death shoot-out to Donald 'Fabio' Crowhurst.

For one it would be a glorious victory and for the other it would be a glorious defeat... πŸ˜„

The Craftsman won through, scoring 2 goals. This was the main talking point during the evening meal, as The Craftsman acknowledges he doesn't score 2 goals in a game...

The S'fortunato Finger Cup Final

The stage: The traditional carpet pitch for the final of the tournament of the Unfortunate Finger.

The players: Vecchiaguardia - in his fourth SoS OSC tournament, and Rocket in his first. Neither player had experienced the carpet pitch before, so this would be a test of nimble knees, and which Old could reconnect with those muscles that used to play on the floor all those years ago.

As it turns out, Rocket tuned in to those formative years, when families were too poor to have a table they could dedicate to Subbuteo, and the living room carpet became the field of dreams!

First time the S'fortunato Finger final has been played outdoors
Standing room only for some of the spectators!
Old Guard is attacking the Patio End, and has the sun in his eyes...
Rocket defending stoutly...
Arguably not a very long clip of the final! πŸ™„
Rocket about to launch a counter-attack...

A picture tells a thousand words...

If you take part in an SoS OSC Tournament, and lose your group matches, you play in the Tournament of Scoundrels.

If you get knocked out of the Tournament of Scoundrels, you get to play in the Tournament of the Unfortunate Finger (S'fortunato Finger Cup).

If you lose the final, you win the trophy pictured, and then you take a picture of your trophy and put in on the Internet!

Bravissimo vecchiaguardia! 😎

This is Old Subbuteo! πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ₯°

The Cup Matches

The Melee

The concept

After a few S-o-S OSC tournaments it became clear that something else was needed to complement the 4 Finals, for the Olds that had the misfortune to get knocked out in the various cups.

The concept of the Melee was created, giving the opportunity for these players to play one last game.

With 18 Olds taking part in this year's tournament, this meant 10 players would be involved in the inaugural event!

All things considered, the event went fairly smoothly with all players slotting into their respective roles with a commendable degree of knowledge, skill and decorum (apart from mostly Gerald…!)

A five-a-side game duly commenced with players taking different roles within their team...

1st half: Team A and Team B each have:

Player 1 – Attacker if the ball is in the attacking half

Player 2 – Attacker if the ball is in the defending half

Player 3 – All defending flicks

Player 4 – Goalkeeper, kicking goalie and goal-kicks

Player 5 – Free-kicks, throw-ins and corner-kicks

2nd half: All players change roles...

In the first half all players were involved apart from Jim (Forfoxsake) Westwood, who was desperately waiting for a throw-in, corner or free-kick to happen. Eventually however, with seconds remaining his team were awarded a throw-in! He lined up the thrower – took careful aim, and then the half-time whistle went! The taking of the throw-in was therefore judged null and void and duly wiped from the record as ever happening! πŸ˜‚

The second half saw our newbie Down the Wing playing an assured role as his team’s β€˜Defending Attacker’ (enthusiastically advised by 4 teammates), and with one minute to go, a throw-in was awarded to his team, with Kev β€˜The Cat’ Dyson using the mandatory throw-in figure.

After a practice throw-in which went sideways 1 inch and spun backwards off the pitch. Kev threw the ball 12 inches spinning in front of Jonathan β€˜JLR’ Lopez-Real’s centre forward. Without missing a heartbeat JLR shot and scored! Four teammates roared their approval. Jonathan was somewhat taken aback at the racket he caused by scoring at Subbuteo, and estimated the noise to be louder than the combined efforts of the 98 fans that attended the Canterbury v Corinthian Isthmian League match the previous day!

A great event, and certainly to be repeated at future SoS OSC events! Naturally the rules will evolve as the number of players vary... For example, someone to do all positional flicks for all dead ball situations... Eventually we should be able to get a game of 11 v 11 with 3 subs!

A clip of some early action from the first half...
The Melee Winners!
Malts, Donald Crowhurst, The Cat, JLR and Down the Wing
The Melee Runners-Up!
Forfoxsake, Puffin, Barreteo, Gullseye and Youbutteo

The Melee Trophy

Inspired by the John Waddington Trophy, famously held by young Subbuteo prodigy Andrea Piccaluga from 1978-1982, the Melee Trophy celebrates the achievement of finding people to play Subbuteo with!

If you turn up to a SOS OSC event, and fail to make one of the finals, then you will play for the Melee Trophy, alongside all of the other 'Olds' who got knocked out of the tournaments. The inscription sums it al up: "It's not the winning or the losing, it's the finding someone to play..."

Here's David 'Down the Wing' Heron receiving the Trophy as honorary captain of the first ever Melee winners.

Action from the Stadium of Fingers

Puffin & Ute Ubo

The first match of the day, and the first members of the Old Sods OSC to play in the Stadium of Fingers.

Puffin and Ute Ubo have played many entertaining matches between them in Old Sods meets, and this may well have been their first game together on the road.

This was a Group A match, which somehow ended 0-0 πŸ€”

Rocket corrects the score for the start of the game. Puffin was ok with a 2-0 start...
An early chance for Puffin. Nearly 1-0 after 15 seconds. 😲
From the throw-in. Ute intercepts, breaks away and shoots!
An overhead shot by Ute.
...taken by the camera! 😎
Darth Vader appears in the stadium and takes a goal kick! 😲
A Giggsy style run by a stormtrooper down the wing! 😎
Puffin makes a defensive error, make a great save with his keeper, launches a counter attack and hits the post!
When these two play, Puffin allows Ute to flick the odd dodgy flick.
This one was pure skill! 😎
Darth Vader hoofs a goal kick 'route 1' style to the Dark Side.
Ute uses the force to save.

Rocket & Malts

Rocket is back for more after his Christmas experiences, and faces Malts, who is trying out his flats team, after locating his goalkeeper that he left behind the last time he visited the Stadium of Fingers!

This is a Group B match. It ends goalless, but Rocket was pressing for the win...

In this clip a nice move ends up with a shot on the fly...

Here's some decidedly ropey defending from Malts, which he somehow gets away with! πŸ˜…
A wonderful passing move by Malts, going round in circles. In the end his left half does a head stand! πŸ˜‚
Straight after this meandering move breaks down, Rocket does a 'no nonsense' attack!

JohnClu48 & JLR

These two Olds have played in almost all SoS OSC Tournaments. You'd have thought they would have played each other before, but this was in fact their first meeting.

This clip shows a wonderful 'ave-it' moment. John gets bored of his 3 players surrounding the ball, and hoofs it with his centre back, launching the ball and two of his own players down the pitch! All 3 of them go for a goal kick! πŸ˜‚

Then John says "Goal kick?", and JLR says "Yep", like everything was normal...🀣

Route 1 stuff from JRL. Sometimes the simpler tactics can yield the most reward.
JLR's defender skilfully intercepts a throw-in to start a counter attack. 😎
The cameraman checking for offside in case VAR was needed! 🧐

Spudski & Forfoxsake

This has been a match a long time in the waiting!

Two of the Old Subbuteo legends, both of them scoundrels of the English and the Italian Old Subbuteo scenes, finally meeting for the first time in the Stadium of Fingers.

These clips show some great action, and some show no action at all, as it's the chat between them that features, sometimes more than the actual flicking of the figures! πŸ˜„

Spud scores his first ever goal in the Stadium of Fingers...Left handed! 😎

Spud makes a great tackle! Not legal (even by FingerFox standards), but still quality!.. and a lovely fox-like curl! 😎
This clip shows Jim as a great sport. He has the eyes of an eagle, but the heart and mind of a cuddly fox!
The smooth transition between half-time banter and the second half. These two effortlessly show us the way! 🀩
"The older I've got, I've just got worse...I can have solo games finishing nil-nil...
But I do love it - I always will!"
Some actual flicking action in this clip!
A Spud-attack and resolute keeping from Forfoxsake...
"That was just like a religious experience...playing Forfoxsake in the Stadium of Fingers...and actually scoring. My life is complete."

Gullseye & Ghigliotti09

Gullseye first played in the Stadium of Fingers in 2015 and realised that it can be a challenge to reach over the terracing to flick the players. The next year he arrived at the tournament after digging out his old 1970s platform boots! This prompted the design of the ramped platform along the West Stand, and Gullseye's boots have been safely stored away back in the loft!

Ghigliotti wasn't using platform boots either in this game - he was using flats!...

Gulleye was playing with the Lionesses... 😎

Gullseye defending stoutly, until a slight error allows the centre forward in...
Marco patiently working his way through to goal...
Chris having fun with some close-up camerawork - not easy!
Gullseye, gats some possession, attacks, forces a corner and more!
Ghigliotti09 back on the attack.
Unstoppable in this mood!
Chris now having fun with crowd close-ups, and Marco with a disallowed goal...

The Craftsman & Donald Crowhurst

The last time The Craftsman met Donald Crowhurst in a SoS OSC Tournament was the 2015 Scoundrels Cup Final. The score: The Craftsman 0 Donald Crowhurst 1

Finally, four years later there was a chance to address the balance....

The final score in this encounter had to be... The Craftsman 0 Donald Crowhurst 1.

Unlucky Adam! Maybe in the next game in 2023! πŸ˜‚

The deciding goal - early on in the game before Adam had got his defending sorted!
Adam was so disappointed with his players first half performance, he substituted the entire team! 😲
Love the way Fabio allows the fourth flick, just so he can do peeping keeping! πŸ˜„
Firm punch by The Craftsman's goalie!
A lovely little curl and a solid block
Another lovely curl, and a good save! 😎

Barreteo & The Craftsman

After some entertaining group matches Barreteo and The Craftsman found themselves in the Tournament of Scoundrels... This was to be a needle match, not because if was their first competitive encounter, but because this was a match between Father-in-Law and Son-in-Law! πŸ˜„

The Craftsman has been playing for several years and had encouraged his Father-in-Law to give it a go. So... Barreteo's first experience of an organised tournament... Bragging rights were at stake!

A nice early dig by the Son-in-Law, saved well by the Father-in-Law! πŸ˜„
The Craftsman shoots from distance...
The Smith's Timer went as the ball hit the back of the net!
The Craftsman shoots from distance...
Just wide!
Nightmare defending lets Barreteo draw level at 1-1! πŸ™„πŸ˜„
Close-up camerawork and a good shot well saved by Barreteo!
The Craftsman scrapes through on sudden-death shots! 😳

Down the Wing & Rocket

Unfortunately, whoever was doing the recording forgot to press 'record' until the second half had started. As it turned out, Down the Wing was quite happy with this as he was 2-0 down by then, and was relieved to know that this would not be recorded for posterity!

Rocket on the other hand was slightly disappointed as this meant he would need to rely on his memory for his first ever goal scored in the Stadium of Fingers! πŸ˜„

Sorry, Rocket!

Rocket's first ever (recorded) goal in the Stadium of Fingers! πŸ˜‰
A smooth run finished off by a rocket by Rocket!
Down the centre against Down the Wing, who saves well!
A last second chance saved well by Down the Wing. 😎

Snake70 & Ghigliotti09

These two had met twice before in SoS OSC tournaments.

In 2015, they had played a Group D match on the Anglo-Italian pitch (fittingly!), where the match had finished all square 1-1.

Then in 2018 they had met at the Seaside, in the semi-final of the Stadium of Fingers Cup, where Ghigliotti won 2-1 on the way to his glorious tournament victory! 😎

A technical problem with the recording means we just have the 2nd Half! πŸ™„ We join the action with Snake70 1-0 up!

A chance for Snake70 to make it 2-0, but the keeper has it covered...
Rudi beats the offside trap - A lovely piece of camerawork in case VAR was needed! 😎
Snake's piling on the pressure, but Marco's keeper is awake, and up to the task...
This was the decisive 50 seconds of action - Marco's comeback is emphatically snuffed out by Rudi!
Another good move by the Snake.
A well-deserved winner today! 😎

Group pics

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