fAABI World Cup 2018

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Funded by...

The National Lottery Awards for All programme kindly donated some funding to enable this event to run, which coincided with the timing of the 'other' World Cup. The funding covered the use of equipment, venues and refreshments for the sessions. We would like to thank the National Lottery for their support and encouragement!

The playoffs

Before the tournament proper, a few games were played to warm everyone up (it had been a couple years since fingers had been flicked, and no-one wanted a sprained flexor tendon!

5 games were played, over two legs, to see who would reach the finals...

The Group Stages

Now the scene was set for the start of the tournament proper, with the 32 teams arranged in 8 groups of 4. The results of these matches are set out below...

All in all this was an epic tournament, with plenty of goals and banter in equal measure.

The final table saw Alan coming out on top for the first time, narrowly pipping the ever-present Mike.

Ayesha showed much promise with a 100% record, but unfortunately other duties called her away before she could make her challenge.

Jen lost her crown but has vowed to regain it in 2022!

Tony keeping a close eye on Mike's tactics, and in the background a goal has clearly just been scored!
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