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The games commence...

Euro 2016 Report – Week 1

Flick O’Rooney scores goal of the championship!

A fun-filled start to the fAABI Euro 2016 was had by Jon, Erica and Steve, with the moment of the evening being a sublime chip over the keeper from close range by the famous Northern Irish Subbuteo figure Flick O’Rooney. Erica (playing for Northern Ireland) was facing an impossible situation with the Ukrainian keeper (played by Jon) bearing down on her star striker who then fashioned remarkable chip over the despairing goalie, who was heard to mutter “Я не вірю в це!”. (“I don’t believe it!”)

All matches were hard fought, and yet humorous affairs, full of much mirth and some skill. Two potentially career-ending injuries were suffered by the players, with an over-enthusiastic shot by Jon resulting in the ball flying into Erica’s front teeth, whilst Jon suffered a groin injury as a Welsh player was flicked with a little too much vigour and hurtled off the table.


Romania (Erica) 0 – 0 Albania (Jon)

[Albania win 3-2 on penalties]

Slovakia (Jon) 0 – 0 Wales (Erica)

Ukraine (Jon) 1 – 1 Northern Ireland (Erica)

[Ukraine win 4-1 on penalties]

The games progress...

…6 action-packed evenings later…!

Final Results

Many thanks for those who turned up to take part in the final week of the Euro 2016 Subbuteo event.

We saw Wales reaching the final, where they finally succumbed to Germany 3-2 on penalties!

Also many congrats to Erica for topping the players’ table (by quite some margin!)
We hope to flick again to celebrate the World Cup in 2018…!

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