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Welcome to the FAABI Subbuteo World Cup!

The Subbuteo World Cup evenings are your opportunity to spend some relaxed time with fellow table football enthusiasts, playing a the games of the FIFA World Cup and sharing a drink and nibbles. The evenings are open to all – those who have never played Subbuteo table football and want to ‘give it a go’, and those who used to play the game when they were younger. Standard of play is irrelevant, but a cheerful disposition is mandatory!

Where and when?  
The sessions will be held at Attend’s Head Office on Monday or Tuesday evenings in the ‘FAABI Room’ from 6:30pm to 08:30pm with drinks and refreshments provided.
Our first session will be on Monday 9th June 2014

If you are interested in joining, please contact us by email or on 0207 307 2570 to book a place.

The sessions

Subbuteo World Cup Report – Week 1

Brazil are out!

The hosts have been sensationally knocked out by Croatia. Monty in his first ever game of Subbuteo, played Mike (also in his first ever game!). The game looked like it was heading for a classic 0-0 World Cup opener, when Monty surprised Mike (and also himself!) by slotting the ball past the keeper with 5 minutes to go…

So Brazil have to go back home…to Brazil(!)

England are out!

Italy played by Tony Palluto (who else) have taken great joy in defeating England 1-0. Tony played typical Azzurri Blue tactics – cagey defense, slow build-ups and clinical finishing (in the last minute!). Monty (playing England) was naturally devastated, but pragmatic. Singing “we’re going home, going home, football’s going home” etc etc.

Subbuteo World Cup Report – Week 2

Germany (Eric) 1 – 0 Portugal (Monty)

So when Germany entered the field (in their all white strip), we were all expecting a 4-0 trouncing, to reflect the real life score – particularly as Eric was playing for Germany. However, it appears that Eric was a tad put off by the England 3-lions motif, which appeared to be on the German shirts (a problem of only having 8 teams to choose from to play all 32 World Cup teams!)

Nevertheless, Eric played in an efficient manner using technically correct flicks, and gradually wore down the opposition. Monty played valiantly throughout and was unlucky to end up on the losing side. Naturally, at the final whistle, there was a rousing rendition of “Steh auf, wenn du für Deutschland bist ("Get up if you're supporting Germany"), sung to the melody of "Go West" by the Pet Shop Boys.

“Vorsprung durch eric” as they say in Germany…

Epic encounter!

Cameroon (Ben) 4 – 4 Mexico (Steve) [Cameroon wins 3-2 on penalties]

Cameroon (Ben) shared an 8-goal epic with Mexico (Steve). Going behind on 3 occasions, Cameroon came back to equalise in the last minute to make the full-time score 4-4. Steve scored 2 of his 5 of his penalty shots, but Ben blasted 3 of his past Steve’s hapless goalie, into the roof of the net.

Subbuteo World Cup Report - Week 3

USA (Tony) 0 – 0 Belgium (Ben) [USA wins 5-0 on penalties]. Tony helped the USA in the first of the Round of 16, progress to the quarter finals.

A special edition Subbuteo team, painted in Attend’s colours and with figures based on Attend’s staff guested for USA in this match.

Subbuteo World Cup Report – Week 4

Jen is back!

Greece (Jen) 0 – 0 Italy (Tony) [Greece wins 2-1 on penalties]

So, after a few weeks of absence, the reigning FAABI Subbuteo Champion returns!

…and it was Tony, playing his beloved Italia, who suffered as a result! Both keepers played blinders as a hard fought game resulted 0-0, but it was Jen’s experience, cool head and sure flicking in the penalty shoot-out, which undone the passionate and expressive Tony, who duly remonstrated in true Italiano fashion…to the referee, other players and spectators alike. S’fortunato Tony…

Tony, philosophical as ever, agreed that “If you love football, you have to accept football…the joy and the sadness.”

Ben chalks one up!

Croatia (Ben) 1 – 0 Chile (Mike)

Ben got into the groove to take the game to Chile. Mike (playing Chile), duly commentated on the game in perfect ‘spanglish’, and entertainment was had by all. From nowhere, Ben has now moved up the league table to be a point behind current leader Mike.

Current players’ table:

This makes fascinating reading, with Mike (top) and Steve (bottom) having inverse goal-differences…

Also, note Jen’s foreboding move up the table…

Subbuteo World Cup Report – Week 5

Helen made her debut in guest appearances, first with a win for Greece over Croatia, and then making a string of penalty saves to see Bosnia-Herzegovina overcome the USA to reach the semi-finals...

Germany won on penalties(!) to defeat Ecuador, but there was no doubt about Tony's win with Uruguay - with Mike's Cameroon falling at this stage.

The Final Session

Greece win the World Cup!

Semi-Final 1

Greece (Tony) 0 v 0 Germany (Jen) [Greece win 6-5 on penalties]

With Eric in Paris, Germany were always going to be vulnerable! Jen took on the mantle, and found Tony in determined mood. Jen’s keeper frustrated the Greek attackers and the inevitable penalty shoot-out looked ominous for Tony. The shots went to sudden-death, and after 11 penalties each Greece caused a major upset by knocking out the favourites!

"Franz Beckenbauer! Hugo Boss! Beethoven! Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker! Angela Merkel! Can you hear me? Angela Merkel... Your boys took a hell of a beating! Your boys took a hell of a beating! " (Bjørge Lillelien)

Semi-Final 2

Uruguay (Mike) 0 v 0 Bosnia Herzegovina (Ben) [Uruguay win 2-1 on penalties]

The overwhelming underdogs, Bosnia Herzegovina, nearly progressed to the final after a sterling display against Uruguay. Again, Mike’s latin commentary appeared to give Suarez and company the bit between their teeth in the penalty shoot-out(!), and Uruguay progressed to the World Cup final.

Third/fourth Place Play-Off

Bosnia Herzegovina (Ben/Tony) 0 v 0 Germany (Mike/Steve) [Germany win 3-2 on penalties]

The third/fourth place play-off was a doubles affair, with Ben and Tony narrowly losing to Mike and Steve in the penalty shoot-out. So Germany had to settle for 3rd place – Alas!


So after 31 games it came down to Greece versus Uruguay in the World Cup Final!

Jen, who took the picture below, played with Tony (both representing Greece) against Mike and Ben, representing Uruguay.

There were two key moments that defined the final – 2 great through balls by Tony, both clinically finished off by Jen. Here’s a link to the 2nd goal… (Put link here if Jen is OK with it)

This was too good to Mike and Ben, who philosophically recognised that Suarez and company had finally bitten off more than they could chew(!)

The final whistle saw the Uruguayans desolate, and the Greeks jubilant, as they gathered around their somewhat ginormous trophy!

Congratulations to Tony who has won this year’s tournament! And thank you to everyone who made this possible. Those responsible for crowd control, half time pep talks, fantastic sports journalism… the list goes on! See you all next time!

Before the final...
The 2nd and winning goal...
Greece celebrate with the World Cup Trophy!
Tony tops the table!
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